Company History

RAM Motors History

1947- RAM Motors & Controls began in Reading, PA as Reliable Electric. Reliable Electric sold and serviced motors, variable speed drives, and electromechanical controls to various industries, particularly textiles.

1969- John Walton and his son David purchased the company and introduced its basic operating philosophy: a strong commitment to customer service with 100% customer satisfaction as its objective. The new customer service philosophy proved successful.

1983- Reliable Electric merged with Multilectric, Inc., adding its apparatus repair shops in Lancaster and York and giving rise to a new company name, RAM (Reliable And Multilectric) Motors & Controls, Inc.

2000- The distribution and service division of RAM was purchased by Jeff Musser and Bill Wissler, creating RAM Industrial Services, Inc. W.M. Wagner Sales Company, a pump specialty house, was acquired to expand its product offerings as well as its geographic footprint.

2012- Pennsylvania Electric Motor Service, a large apparatus repair shop located in Erie, Pennsylvania, was acquired by ISS, and two years later, and merged into the RAM group. This merger created a more comprehensive infrastructure with expanded geographic coverage to better serve the needs of our growing customer base.

2013- The company was acquired by a private equity group to become RAM Industrial Services, LLC and became part of the Industrial Service Solutions, LLC (ISS) family of industrial and municipal service companies. Today we are RAM Motors and Controls.



Industrial Service Solutions emanates “forceful optimism.”

  • We are a team of self-confident associates who have can-do attitudes and always strive to anticipate, learn, and adapt but are not afraid to act.
  • We recognize and reward the behavioral traits of integrity, character, candor, humor, teamwork, and both individual and joint accountability.
  • ISS culture enables us to offer small-company competitiveness with large-company capabilities and process disciplines.

Small-company competitiveness:

  • Customer-centric biases committed to earning and retaining longstanding relationships of trust
  • High respect for every associate who wears our uniform regardless of title, position, or skillset
  • Quick response, low cost structures, and a personal commitment to delivery of high-quality service

Large-company capabilities:

  • Disciplined processes for associate recruiting, training development and safety best practices, and a comprehensive compensation and benefits plans for talent retention
  • Technical depth for equipment, service applications, and industry certifications; and reinvestment in competitive shops, machinery, and tools
  • A nationwide geographic footprint, a broad set of field, shop, and supply value propositions serving multiple industrial and commercial markets
Industries We Serve

Industries RAM Motors Serves

Oil and Gas – RAM’s quality products, premium service, and competitive pricing, makes our company a premier supplier of products and services to the oil and gas industry. Whether we service a drilling rig or supply a centrifugal pump, RAM is the right answer for electric motors, centrifugal pumps, and other rotating equipment for the oil and gas sector.

Building Product – Our ability to provide premium products and services to the building product industry makes RAM a dominant vendor in the Mid-Atlantic area. We offer quality products, first-rate service, and competitive prices. Our technical expertise on chipper, crusher, and calendar motors is second to none. Our field service department diagnoses variable speed drive issues, provides start-up service, and changes out old DC equipment with new AC drives and motors.

Paper and Printing – RAM is predominate to the Mid-Atlantic paper industry. Our ability to provide and service electric motors and centrifugal pumps, combined with our new product inventory, empowers the paper and printing industry to organize spare motors while effectively managing spare inventory cost.

Chemical – A chemical plant depends on vendors with effective and versatile products and services. RAM is this type of supplier. Our ability to perform all types of field services (vibration analysis, balancing, pump inspections, etc.) make RAM a valuable resource for this 24/7 industry.

Plastics – RAM’s ability to repair all types of rotating equipment provides the plastics industry access to our 24/7 repair operation as well as our complete turnkey repair approach. RAM can diagnose, remove, repair, and then reinstall all types of rotating equipment used in the plastic industry, such as extruder motors, calendar motors, centrifugal pumps, etc. Our ability to convert DC drives systems with AC motors and drives saves this industry money and keeps its equipment up and running.

Food and Beverage – Our on-site and in-house machining, stainless-steel motor offerings, and BoosterPaQ pump product line makes RAM a key problem solver to the 24/7 food-and-beverage industry. RAM has the new product inventory and repair diversification to aptly service all types of food and beverage manufacturers as well as the equipment they operate.

Power and Energy – RAM’s multifaceted repair shop in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania provides our customers 24/7 service. The power generating industry depends on this around-the-clock service. Whether we are repairing motors during an outage or doing preventive maintenance repairs, the power generating market is in good hands with RAM.

Mining and Aggregate – RAM’s market awareness with the mining and aggregate industry is second to none. This industry needs the rugged designs and features we incorporate in our primary motor and pump products, such as WEG, Toshiba, and Xylem Flygt.

Steel and Metal – The steel and metal industry only uses suppliers that perform high-quality repairs or replacement products to electrical and mechanical equipment. RAM’s defined standards for quality equipment and processes meet this industry’s strict maintenance requirements on all types of rotating equipment.

Municipal Sector – With exemplary pump inspections, predictive maintenance, and overall field service, RAM is a leader in the municipal sector. A municipality needing to purchase or repair a pump or motor requires the coverage and dependability our 24/7 repair operations provides. RAM delivers to the municipal marketplace industry-leading lines of electric motors and centrifugal pumps.



While our ultimate Safety Goal is ZERO injuries and incidents, we strive for continual improvement in our health and safety performance. ISS is actively:

  • Expanding the awareness of safety and health management systems that address employee involvement in a safe workplace and improve occupational hazard recognition
  • Promoting a proactive culture directed at prevention of incidents with our employees empowered to execute “STOP WORK” authority
  • Developing effective working relationships with our customers, suppliers, and subcontractors that enhance the safety performance on our projects
  • Building cooperative working relationships with government and industry organizations to be in compliance with the applicable standards and regulations

Safety is our 1st operational KPI

About Industrial Service Solutions

Industrial Service Solutions (ISS) is a Uniquely Positioned Company…

  • To deliver a broad set of comprehensive “cost, quality, and speed” competitive service solutions for critical to process equipment across a diverse set of end-user markets.
  • To serve a wide variety of industries, such as power generation; oil and gas; pulp and paper; chemical and petrochemical; tire and rubber; metals and mining; water and waste water; and other industrial and commercial markets.
  • To offer application expertise in a wide variety of equipment, including valves and actuation; motors and generators; pumps; compressors and coolers; boilers and heat exchangers; mixers and extruders and many other types of industrial equipment.
  • To provide value propositions, such as onsite field services, regionally based shop services, and a broad range of supply services.
  • To serve customers nationwide and outside the U.S. to most customer requests.


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